Feelings Don’t Rule the World | Live From The Lair

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We know it’s hard to believe, but reality doesn’t give a shit about your plans or your feelings.

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32 Replies to “Feelings Don’t Rule the World | Live From The Lair”

  1. For the record, the majority of Canadians aren't that upset by the system. Some elective surgeries get delayed, and a few nightmare stories, one offs, happen in any system.

    I had a risky cyst appear, got looked at within a few days, got results back right quick. Have a muscular problem in my left side which made me think I was having a heart attack. Got booked in right away to see if my ticker was alright.

    No system is perfect, but I'll be honest, I'd take Canadian healthcare over American healthcare. The problem isn't government as a whole, or government as a concept, fuck, I despise my provincial government, and my Federal government are run by corrupt dickbags. The problem is that the system's we've made, either government, corporate, or otherwise, are all breaking down due to a lack of virtue and an increase in greed in our societies. A breakdown of family units doesn't exactly help this either.

  2. As I've always stated to anyone and everyone I've encountered who talked about this subject…

    Facts do not give a fuck about your misgivings, reality does not bend to your will, and the truth doesn't care about your feelings.

    Facts, reality, and the Truth, will ALWAYS win, no matter how much you try to shout or water it down.

  3. I tried to stomp a camel spider…..the fucker cocked up and jumped at ME.

    Then another time I had come back from deployment and we all congregated in the gym for some PT and one went skittering across the gym floor….it had hitched a ride in someones gym shorts all the way from Africa lol. Course we crushed it.

  4. Loving your Live From The Lair stuff, Popp. Keep it up. Recommended you to all my friends and my son. You are one of the influences that has made my son stop desperately searching for a girlfriend to "complete himself" and instead work on pursuits that makes him happy with life. Don't stop, Popp.

  5. Will women regret feminist sin….No! It requires morals and self insight to have regret. Women are shallowness vanity and gossip, and will always find a new way to shame men.vanity and selfishness your form is women.mgtow

  6. Regarding Laci Green: I don't trust this bitch at all. Gentlemen NEVER bet against a woman's nature. Especially those who identify as feminist. Just check where the wind is blowing. She's being opportunistic. She sees that the tide is turning and people aren't falling for the feminist bullshit anymore. At least not here on YouTube. She's going where the money and traffic is.
    Yes gentlemen it is just. that. simple.
    What pisses me off even more is how everyone is so "proud" of her sudden change and willingness to "take the red pill." Bullshit. It's all a fucking act to line her pockets. It's very disappointing that major anti-sjw channels are turning a blind eye to it and looking the other way. Look, she wants to change and have a dialogue, sure ill listen. But in no fucking way am I going to dive in head first like everybody else is. We wouldn't trust Sarkeesian if she magically turned tomorrow due to her track history, why should we give this bitch that benefit without being cautious as fuck.
    Don't white knight for a pair of tits men. A leopard never changes it's spots, remember that. She truly has to make up for all the damage she has done with her shit video series. I'll sit back and just watch on this one…

  7. Femenists and Lesbians always hate when men discuss not getting married because it destroys their safety net…Secretly lesbians hate gay men because these men will not become their spare tire when they get flat.

  8. "A recent study by the American Sociological Association found that women initiate two thirds of all divorces, a staggering 69% to be exact. An even higher rate of 90% of all divorces are initiated by college-educated women. This begs the following question: Why do women initiate divorce more than men?" http://www.divorcemag.com/blog/why-do-women-initiate-divorce-more-than-men This is from a women empowerment coach or a divorce coach. Those women with a college degree divorce at 90% rate. It's nuts. I watched about half my friends get blown out and other men lose their kids and had their kids heart polluted towards their dad. I think and feel marriage is worthy it however is not for everyone. What it seems like is that marriage is only for about for half the current divorce rate as the half that stays married. What do the rest of us do? Got me. I find myself enjoying the company of women. I am more purple pill fella but I don't know so much anymore. With a 3.2 per 1000 people divorce rate and a 6.9 per 1000 marriage rated and with only about 2 million marriages out of 310 million people it seems the data is in favor of marriage being for a few people. 3.2 people divorce rate and 66% of those people are women and out of those 66% the college educated women make up 90% of the 66%. Anyways good luck with your channel it has been helpful for what to avoid but isn't helpful for those looking to be married and not be a stat. I do agree marriage is a dangerous endeavor days and I still support married life even if it is only for a small percentage of the population. I would like to see some stuff on divorce coaches aka women empowerment coaches. Have a good day Popp!