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After releasing “Pussy ,” was asked what are the best ways to avoid falling victim to that cycle of .

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30 Replies to “Break Up Criteria | Live From The Lair”

  1. I looked into your 2ndCC video and web page and I will post far and wide to support you. I advocate what you are doing but from a different perspective.

    I was an early childhood educator for 20 years. I saw first hand as a primary care provider to 100's of children the effects of paternal alienation. The transitions from spending a weekend with Dad and the separation anxiety the children have knowing they won't see them for another 2 weeks or longer. Their pain was heart wrenching.

    This time frame to a child aged 2.9-5 is devastating to them. They have no real concept of time so their understanding is simply loss. They love and feel loyalty towards their fathers but can not express it to their mothers. The mothers that would vilify their Dads. These children internalize their mothers hatred as they feel just as much a part of their fathers as they do their mother. They are conflicted, troubled, scared, angry, disappointed and miserable.

    I have many times in many ways tried to console and comfort these children with calendars to mark the days when they would see Daddy again. Writing cards for Dad. Drawing pictures for Dad. Talking about their Dad's in a positive light. Giving the child a safe place to express themselves and their loss. We would create folders and there they could put their art work and letters and words to their favorite songs for their Dads.

    Most often I was just drying tears, letting them rock in my arms and allowing them to tell me how much they loved their father. Trying to give them some peace in their little minds that Dad knows how much they love them. Asking questions about what they do with Daddy and giving them the freedom to express their angst and depression about the divorce or separation. These were babies 3-5 year old with mother's that were cold as stones.

    Yes sir, Mr. Popp. Something needs to change. I understand your advice and the plight of men in the system. I have seen it first hand and I know how unfair the Family Courts are.

    My concerns are for the children. The real victims. The little girl that just doesn't understand why Daddy doesn't live there anymore and can not see him every day. The abuse the children take from their mothers who are crass and cruel in involving these little ones with their disdain and contempt for their ex husbands. The little boy who can not even speak to his father on the phone because the Mom has trumped up some concocted violation against her and her whims and filed a restraining order. I know good men who have had RO put on them for no other reason than the woman has used it as a weapon to retaliate. Most of the time for nothing because she couldn't get what she wanted.

    Paternal alienation is CHILD ABUSE. I saw it first hand for almost 20 years and I met and knew the Dad's struggling to have more time with their children. I've walked with them to the parking lot after drop off and watched these grown men cry because they miss their child already and two weeks feels like an eternity when you want to be with your son or daughter every day.

    Children need their fathers as much as they need their mothers. At some stages in development both genders girls and boys need their Dad's more so than their mothers for learning life skills, self respect, sportsmanship and fortitude. I know this because my husband died. I could not fill his shoes. Woman that say they are both Mom and Dad to their child are delusional and narcissistic.

    I apologize for this long post but I have been watching you for 2 years and have not responded often because I know I am a small percentage of your targeted audience. I just want you to know that I applaud you and what you are doing and I will continue to post your videos on my websites and try to attract more attention to your cause.. far and wide.

    God bless you Popp.

  2. + Terrence Popp, Hey Popp I've got a question, is your retirement based on years of service or based percentage of disability? If the total disability rating is less then 100%, the revaluation is pretty straight forward. Go to Dept. of Veterans Affairs Web site, look up in the right hand corner for their search engine, then type in (bva decisions) stands for (Board of Veterans Appeals), which will take you to the (bva) site, then type in (TBI)- traumatic brain injury, which will provide you over 20 years of legal briefs dealing with rejected and accepted brain injury compensation claims. My question is this, How can an X-spouse qualify for any percentage of a 100% totally and permanently disabled veteran pension benefit if he is still alive?

  3. Hey popp,
     it's been around a century since women's right to vote! HOW HAS THAT BEEN WORKING OUT FOR ALL OF US GUYS especially since no fault divorce HUH? Yes popp, females are back stabbing by nature PERIOD! They always have AND always will !!!!

  4. USMC not recommend they eat their own. Work you to death, cult like attitude towards living Marine Corps culture and when they break you they kick you out. Once they write you off as a loss they turn their backs and don't want you in. Too many of my friends who also got wounded got charged with BS misconduct charges like not mustering to mysterious formation or missing PFT when medical dismissed them so Marine Corps would not have to medically discharge them because an Admin Sep will over ride a med board review and no appeals once you are out of service. Don't risk your life or limb even worse a bad BS discharge that destroys your future.

  5. The bullets in 556 nato are fmj and often steel core (green tip m855). They do tumble but an expanding bullet would make for a bad day if hit. The Geneva convention does not prevent us from using expanding rounds. Fully agree with the 6.5mm upgrade.

  6. And of course a female will naturally deny the friendzone's existence, it is her tool which people are slowly beginning to understand the nature of in order to avoid its use on them. To put people of potential use on standby for someone better. Happens from your years in school which means the woman's age doesn't apply, so that really says something.

    Funny how they still find a way to blame men for this, apparently we constructed the friendzone in our minds since we are horrible people. But when was the last time you saw a well-earning alpha dwelling there? I beg to differ.

  7. I Agree with Popp on the Suicide thing: Don't throw your life away! First determine what the problem is, then analyse it, look into what you can do to avoid/better yourself ( hell I had a buddy that was beaten into a pulp by his wife who he knew for 3 years and after one year of marriage she beat him up, 4 broken fingers, broken arm, fractures eyesocked 3 broken ribs and a couple bruised, smashed toe). No worries that psycho bitch is locked up and is still locked up for another 15 years ( she stabbed and killed a female inmate). After he healed up ( he was also contemplating eating a bullet or a fistful of pills) but I and a couple others talked him out of it. When i was laid off ( company later went belly up) we took a long vacation trecking through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. We even volunteered at a lady friends school and taught the kids English and basic economics and some accounting to older teens. In the end both my friend and my lady friend are living together in latin america and they even opened up a second school ( one for kids of the elite , expensive as hell) and the first school, which is where they teach kids from the streets.

    Whenever life gives you an utter 12 round slap-around, it is ok to take a breather and a long step backwards so you can look at what the problem is or if some turd flinging monkey is coming back to attack you from behind. Beware the antifa sucker punchers. Do it like me, hit em back or when a mammoth pile of dogshite is in the neighborhood facepalm them in that. Maybe the fumes will trigger the brain to jumpstart and realize that actions have repercussions. It is a funny experience so Here it goes.

    I came out of the bank where I was invited to speak. I was walking to my car when i saw a reflection running toward me fist ready. So on the last moment i dropped, pretending to tie my shoe as the dude wanted to punch me. He couldnt stop so he flew over me and landed, face first, in a massive pile of dogshit. I immediately restrained him, his pals were shouting shit at me so i called the cops, on occasion pushed his head a bit in the dogshit. Also the people in the bank saw it all happening and stayed to testify ( the video from security cams also proved that i was in the right). So the cops took the antifa shitter from me though he didn't have any ID so the cops said " Ok we just arrested shitface on attempted robbery, attempted assault and assault with a weapon. Kid you are lucky this guy only restrained you because by the looks of it he is hitting the gym at least two times a week. at least the guy was so kind to teach you a real world lesson, actions have ALWAYS repercussions. Now sit down shitface".

    There is one exception though. If you are medically shot so to speak that nothing can be done, i think suicide should be an option if and only if there is no other medical option anymore.

  8. the 5.56 is essentially a long 9mm case, and thus significantly limited in case capacity and therefore range and power. Therefore, it will never be able to really push a large enough projectile at a significant enough velocity to seriously rival a 308, nor any other significant rifle cartridge. I stated this here, before. The 55 grain boattail launching at ~3200 fps with a 1/14 twist yields excellent terminal ballistics inside ~250-300 yards. The bullet bends, comes apart, and fragments. This produces prompt severe injury on the target. It is range limited due to the light weight bullet, and that cannot be changed. And the M4, fast twist and short barrel, hampers the cartridge's effects even more. Something akin to the AR-10 or one designed for a cartridge with more case capacity is going to be required to seriously improve long range performance. As for sex, the ability to simply exhaust a woman by any and all means works to limit the typical female's fickleness– for a while. But that fickleness never goes away. So short term, any and all techniques which exhaust the female are good, but in the modern day, there is apparently no long term solution. If it flies, floats, or fucks, a man must rent, and never buy. Maintenance and upkeep are prohibitively expensive, and increase in a logarithmic curve. It is rare indeed to get lucky on the inherent odds.

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  10. Hmm, shot five times… I'm sure the idea of Sand Zombies came up 🙂 On the point of the two way range, I've read some stories claiming that the bad guys figured on engaging US forces with WW2 era British Enfields (lobbing .303) at ranges of 5-6-700 m plus, not supper accurate but kept the fellas hunkered down until armor/air could come in and bring boom or brrrrrt. And a recent story from Manilla: "M-16 bullet" according to the Surgeon.

  11. Suicide is just a fucked up deal. I have some really close family friends that their oldest child (middle aged) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (basically death sentence). Unfortunately he decided to go out on his terms. While I understand why he did it (the pain and agony you go through at the end is apparently terrible), the pain and anguish that he caused within his family is without any doubt the most fucked up thing I think you could ever do. There are no words to describe just how this can hurt a family.

    We treat our pets with more compassion via euthanization when the time is appropriate. Why we don't do this to those we love I don't know.

  12. Thanks Popp. That advice on suicide just was an eye opener for me. After my divorce we've had shared custody (almost 3 years now), but now the ex decided that she needs to move to a different city (not that far though – 30 km), but still it's going to ruin current deal. I've been somewhat depressed few days because of this and I've had some suicide thoughts on my mind. But you know… you just can't do that to your kids and close ones. I know that I won't be able to see them as much. I guess I'll have to fill my life with new things now. I hope my kids will some day understand what that cunt did.

  13. Terrorist war fare. Your interest is not to kill your enemy! If you have three soldiers following you. Say you shoot one of them and kill him. The other two soldiers will drop the dead soldier and follow you.

    The best thing to do is wound one of the soldiers. Then that wounded soldier will slow down the other two soldiers. Terrorists are never interested in killing. They are interested in wounding. The wounded soldier is always a benefit to the terrorists. The wounded soldier is always moaning which always give away the positions of the enemy. Also the wounded soldiers return home and they become a burden on an already collapsing U.S. economy. Do not believe you won in Iraq. The Americans and Russians were only baited into Iraq by the British! The British will destroy America and Russia!

  14. These new age people who i like to call the orphans. There life is a nightmare. They know nothing but death from the day that they are born. These orphans can never stay in a relationship or marriage. The orphans always try to get you to follow stupid religions like christianity.

  15. The law in the muslim countries is not the same as America! If a women wants divorce in islam. The women gets nothing. In islam the mother gets the kids till they are seven. After that the kids go to the father. Janet Jackson gets nothing if she gets divorced! If the man wants a divorce. Then it's based on the contract of the marriage!