Let’s teach for mastery — not test scores | Sal Khan

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Would you choose to build a house on top of an unfinished ? Of course not. Why, then, do we rush students through education when they haven’t always grasped the basics? Yes, it’s complicated, but educator Khan shares his plan to turn struggling students into scholars by helping them master concepts at their own pace.

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41 Replies to “Let’s teach for mastery — not test scores | Sal Khan”

  1. Oww it is just amazing i loved this idea a pyramid and in the middle and bottom of that pyramid robots. on the top of pyramid only Humankind !
    if everyone will be in top of pyramid what does it mean ? it is absolutely means destruction of Authority and Hegemony which among Humankind.Do we need it ? NO i don't think so but we must make preparitions for it it can't be done instantly.İf we destroy it is we can have more peaceful,equal and good world.i believe Humankind enough intelligent to govern themselves individually.Why we don't need authority ? you don't need to take commands from anyone or you don't need to shape your life by decisions of others.You know yourself you can think and question thats simple in fact missing thing about Humankind we think but we don't think other things or we don't question ourselves.we only think ourselves and question otherselves… everybody can be governers of theirselves only key is not ME but WE !.The true way for it Philosophy, everybody can be excellent Philosophers it is in our nature…Second factor is thinking Logically and Objectively,what does unite people communities ? religion,nation,culture,common enemies… although we have more big common parts,Humankind very blind and ignorant to see it… We are all Human why we need to fight ? or be rivals ? we have another common point Science and Mathematics,for me Science and Mathematics the art of thinking Logically and Objectively if we teach this art to everyone(i believe everyone can learn),all Humankind will discover our common parts because practical ideas are undeniable true ideas which makes them our biggest common parts…
    And i call all of this process The Enlightenment=Philisophical thinking + Scientific thinking +Awareness + Courage + We!
    for creating a peaceful,wealthy,equal community without authority all people have to be Enlightened people even 1 ignorant can ruin all community
    for discussions and questions
    Skype : Arthiedux
    Enlightenment İs İnevitable…

  2. And this is why homeschooling is so awesome…we are able to do exactly this! We don't move on until they've mastered the topic, and we don't spend excessive amounts of time on things they have already mastered. I don't give grades to my kids until high school–and only then because colleges want grades on the transcript. Most homeschoolers I know approach education this way. Maybe that is why homeschoolers tend to outperform public school students on standardized tests—less gaps.

  3. Can someone give this amazing guy a medal? He basically provided education for a large amount of people for free. Also his courses offer valuable information and concept understanding for students who cannot afford private tuition.
    Thank you Mr Khan
    All the best

  4. As a former med student (aka doctor), I can relate heavily to students facing unfeeling professors and med schools focused on scores and (in the US, the USMLE) and not getting real applicable experience or understanding. Rather than teaching and using, for example, Robbins Pathology for understanding, they resort to Pathoma for "high yield" info without understanding the basics. The result is so many young doctors who have high usmle scores, but don't even know how to identify basic murmurs or are highly unprepared for actual practice.

    (edit: I understand this "100% mastery' isn't possible for people like med students and law students. Working 100+ hours a week gives little time to study.
    Also, having students study at their own pace is very Montessori already )

  5. god this guy was annoying…he gave a speech during my sophomore year at stanford in reference to pre law. idk if he was intoxicated or what but he kept babbling about nonsense and saying random things about ocean waves and weather….he kept telling jokes that fell flat…the auditorium of about 70 students had us looking at eack other in disbelief. this guy definitely has some underlying issues