Getting Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction to Run on Windows 10

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Splinter Cell: ConvictionI’d purchased this game, through Steam, several years ago.  However, having recently gotten around to installing Steam on my laptop, I found that this game simply refused to launch.

While all of the other games in my library worked without issue, this one’s a .  After messing around for a while, I finally got it to run — now, playable for me.

Below, are the simplified steps to get it playing nice with Windows 10.

  1. Install Steam.
  2. Install ’s : Conviction via Steam.
  3. Install Uplay.
  4. Install the DirectX End-User Runtime.
  5. Perhaps, restart your computer.
  6. Launch the ’s : Conviction game via either Steam or Uplay.

You’ll, more than likely, get an alert about an incompatible operating system.  You can safely ignore the warning and continue to the game.  However, should you prefer to not be annoyed by the warning, you can set the game’s executable to run in compatibility mode for another OS (i.e. ).

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