Tim Hortons, Fuck You


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So, I was at the above-mentioned earlier today.  I’d spent at least $30 alone (on just myself) at this this morning; within an hour or less of being there.  I was relaxing, using the LCBO’s Internet, and drinking coffee while waiting for the library up the road the open at noon.

I’m on no less than 9 different drugs…  Each of which, I take several times per day.  With that said, I’m somewhat fucked-up at times.  Additionally, I’ve recently started on yet another new drug.  And, as such, my body’s still adjusting to it.

Today’s definitely not one of my better days; not in the fucking least.  My left knee’s swollen like I’ve got a big-ass fucking grapefruit stuffed in there and the associated pain is higher than usual.  One of the side effects of the new drug is drowsiness.  Seemingly, it can last throughout the first month of my starting on it…  Yay!

I’d nodded off for, quite literally, 5 minutes; at most.  I know this as I’d just happened to look at the time before nodding off and looked again when the fucking shitbag woke me up.  I woke up to somebody having slammed the table, at which I was seated, very hard.  I woke immediately woke up and was ready to beat the living fuck out of a mother-fucker.  However, I saw it was somebody in a uniform.  So, instead, I relax and just stare at him wondering, WTF?!?

He says nothing more than, “you can’t sleep here”.  Bear in mind, he didn’t just say this to me, he fucking yelled it.  Not only was his tone rather aggressive, he was fucking yelling at me!  Seriously, like, what-the-fucking-fuck?!?  If he weren’t an employee and just some random fuckstick, I’d have not thought twice about laying the fucker out.  Before I even had a chance to say anything to him, he just goes off to the back of the store…  Uh, WTF just happened?!?

While I don’t know this shitbag’s name offhand, I’ve seen him harassing other in there before.  For instance, last week, I’d witnessed him actually telling a small group of people (i.e. paying customers, as I saw them buy their shit when they came in) who were being quiet and respectful that they weren’t allowed to play cards in .  He told them that it was against policy and they had to put the playing cards away.  Needless to say, I was somewhat fucking shocked at the time; and, even now, don’t know WTF.  I’d asked him at the time just what policy they were in violation of and WTF his problem with them was, but he didn’t say anything though.  He’d just done the same thing as he had this time; went and hid in the back of the fucking store.

At this same , a few years ago, I was sitting with a business client.  We’d each bought coffee and food.  We were reviewing some business contracts and shit on my laptop when a staff member came and told us in no uncertain terms that we’d have to leave.  Apparently, we’d been there for too long and had overstayed our welcome.  However, we’d not even been sitting long enough to have finished our fucking coffees.  Looking around the store at the time, I saw countless people who were all there prior to either of us arriving and were still there after we’d left.  And, why the fuck is it that they weren’t told to leave?  Should those there before us not have been told to leave before we were?  Why were they permitted to continue to stay even after we’d vacated ourselves?

That location is a drug-infested shithole…  But, sadly, the only location within walking distance of downtown though.  Unless you know the staff there intimately, as it would seem, you get treated like fucking shit.  Was I targeted the way I was this morning due to my having spoken up, to that same shitbag, on the behalf of that group of people the other day?  While I can’t say for certain, what I do know for a fucking fact, is that I’ve witnessed other people full-out sleeping and snoring-a-way.  These people, in particular, weren’t bothered in any way whatsoever; at least, not during my time in the store anyway.  Moreover, I’ve seen a few of these people on different occasions being somewhat friendly-like with the staff.  So, take that as you will.

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